Monday, October 22, 2012

A Simple Way to Really Lose Belly Fat

Like thousands of other women (and men) who are constantly looking for new ways to get rid of belly fat, I have tried different diets, exercise plans and diet aids. Although I have found that most weight loss methods are based on reducing calorie intake while burning more calories, I have always fallen short of my final goals. This failure comes when my determination and will power fail!
I have always had a sweet tooth and have found it more than a little difficult to pass up a desert. At times, my cravings for chocolate have made me more irritable than anyone else around me was willing to put up with. Unfortunately, I also have a wide family history of diabetes and have slowly been creeping up the charts on my own sugar readings for years.
I would like to say that I realized that my health was more important than my desire to eat sweets or that I finally hit rock bottom with my weight loss attempts. The truth is, I don't know why I have managed to accomplish so much more this time than all the times before but I have been without sugar for months. Maybe it is the fact that a shift in hormones finally went in my favor! Whatever the reason, the results have been amazing so far.
In addition to not eating sugar, I have also reduced the amount of potatoes I eat. I really haven't wanted them like normal so this was an unconscious effort on my part. I am one of those women who purchases clothes two sizes too small so that I am inspired to get into them by losing enough weight. This usually results in my having a lot of clothes in my closet with the tags still hanging on them. But all that changed yesterday.
I was going to a special event that I have been looking forward to for months. I wanted to wear something new and I new that, although I haven't stepped on the scale since I gave up sweets, there is definitely some belly missing. I chose a short wool skirt and jacket (tags still intact), put them on, and wore them to the event!
When I measured my waist a few weeks ago, I had lost two inches from my waist. I don't know how much I have now lost and I am not sure that I will check for a while. I am having too much fun gauging my accomplishments by trying on new clothes.
I know that many so-called professionals and success story authors tell you to weigh a lot in order to keep up with achievements and to address failures. My boyfriend has just lost about twenty pounds and he weighs twice a day. However, for me, not stressing over the details has made this attempt a much easier one.
I have always heard that belly fat was associated with sugar and now I believe it whole-heartedly. I am starting back on my exercise plan in order to help me firm up and I intend to keep ignoring sweets. I am starting to feel better physically and mentally and I can't believe how easy it has been.
For those times when I do want something a little sweet but don't want to indulge, I use sugar-free popsicles, unsweetened fruit cups, individual boxes of raisins or yogurt, with or without fruit and granola added. It's hard to believe weight loss could be so easy.

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