Friday, September 7, 2012

Six Simple Ways For You To Lose Weight

Everywhere you look in magazines and on the television, people are thin. You may think this is out of your reach, but the truth is that people are losing weight everyday. If they can, you can too. Here are six simple ways for you to shed extra weight.
1. Enjoy your food. A lot of people these days eat in a hurry. They eat in their car or on their way to work, and they eat quickly before taking their kids out for the little league games. When you take the time to sit back and enjoy your food instead of watching television as you eat, you are going to be more likely to eat slower. As you eat slower, your tummy will fill more quickly and therefore eat less.
2. Drink enough water. Drinking enough water is critical for losing weight, because water is necessary for so many healthy body functions. Not only will drinking more water help you with that "bloated feeling", if you have a glass of water before you eat, your stomach will feel fuller and you will eat less. In addition, at times when you think you might be hungry, it is actually that you are thirsty. Your body is unable to differentiate between the two.
3. Load up on veggies and fruits. The great thing about these foods is that they are full of water and don't have as many calories as other foods. That means you can eat as much broccoli and spinach as you want and never gain a pound! If you eat more of these foods, you can cut down on others, which reduces the unhealthy calories going into your body.
4. Watch your sugar levels. Sugar causes cravings, which means you want to eat more. If you want to get serious about your weight loss, cut down the amount of sugar you eat. You will discover that your cravings disappear. If you can stick to fruits and complex carbohydrates for your sugar intake, you will be on the road to weight loss.
5. Cut down on the alcohol you drink. You have likely heard that alcohol is full of empty calories, which is true. Alcohol doesn't really have that high of a nutritional content, so it really is just plumping you up for its own sake. Not only that, many alcoholic drinks convert into sugar in your blood, making you crave food. When you drink, your decision to lose weight may not be the first thing on your mind, so you may find yourself snacking as well.
6. Watch your calories. Use one of the many free tools out there to determine how many calories you should have each day. Also, beware not to eat too few calories. A lot of people figure that just slashing their diet will help them, and in the long run that is not true. You need a certain number of calories to sustain yourself, so make sure you eat what you should.
Being thin is celebrated in our culture. You can be thinner by simply using the suggestions in this article. Good luck!

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